• Justin White Dallas, TX

    I had reached a crossroad in my career. Now, having worked with Tracy, I can maximize each of my skills and traits to present my best self. In my new position, there is much less modification of my behavior and I can capitalize on my innate strengths.
  • Laura Thornton Dallas, TX

    You were blessed with this amazing gift, no one could have said this better than you!! I could relate to every word in your post. Thank you for being so amazing & sharing!! Write a book… I will read it and share it!!
  • Martha Gipson Tampa, FL

    Your stories are outstanding!!!! Inspiring, captivating, well written, provocative, touching, impressive! Keep on….
  • Hilary Gorlin Portland, OR

    Thanks again for your inspiring and truthful blog posts. They really have made a difference in my daily life and it’s wonderful. All my love!
  • Stephen Bourne San Antonio, TX

    I’m not trying to be a miracle worker or anything of the sort, but I do want to let you know something. You have an unbelievable talent in writing and even greater passion for spreading your great ideas with all of your fellow humans on this planet. You take complex social mysteries and simplify them into ideas that resonate with the human spirit.
  • Brianna Segerson Chicago, IL

    I just graduated this past December and am in the challenging and stressful process of deciding the next step, so your blog post really hit home. Thank you so much for writing and sharing stories such as these. They are inspiring, motivational and provide awesome perspective.
  • Stephen Pope CEO, Agile Premier

    Tracy is an expert and always carves out some time to analyze exactly what the PI means. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to help and seems genuinely interested in helping my business grow. If you are willing to pay someone thousands of dollars a month, it is worth the extra investment to find out more about them before you hire them and also have a track record that you can refer to later on. After you make a very bad hire, you recognize how valuable this service can be.
  • Lynn McGinley President, Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce

    Since understanding the key motivators of my employees and how they naturally work toward success, I have been able to engage them differently and the results have been astounding. When I began to manage by the Predictive Index, communication became clearer and I was able to see the goal oriented results I needed, while allowing my employees to feel supported and successful. Tracy has been a great asset to us and I cherish our relationship.
  • Kristi Francis CEO, Francis and Associates

    I would highly recommend Tracy Timm and Predictive Index to anyone needing assistance making sure a candidate is the right fit for a position. I recently had Tracy come out a do a session with my entire staff, and it was an eye-opening and affirming experience. I feel like we tested the PI, and it works beautifully. I will go straight to Tracy and Predictive Index next time we have a hiring need.
  • Terry Han Community Manager, The Grove Dallas

    I am a little freaked out about how well [Predictive Index] describes me…but it also provides reason to feel proud about all of those little quirks about myself that I’ve felt insecure about and have wanted to change. On to having more acceptance and awareness I guess of both myself and others!
  • Jennifer Ostman Coppell, TX

    For 5 years, I had felt unfulfilled in my job. I was frustrated that I didn’t feel that I was any good at what I did, and I didn’t know what to do about it. I didn’t really know what I WAS good at, in order to begin to make a change. This is where Tracy really helped me. She walked me through the type of work environment that would be ideal for me. So many characteristics of mine that I saw as negative were now viewed as strengths. What I thought were personality traits that I had to overcome or suppress in order to be successful were now exactly what would give me that success. I feel that I know myself so much better now, and realize that the best thing I can do for myself is to be myself.
  • Tristan Moore Austin, TX

    I had no job, no apartment contract… After I had a mini panic attack explaining this to my friends, one of them just looked at me and her only solution was “You need to call Tracy.” So after talking, it was very simple for me. All I needed to do was figure out my priorities in a job, my non-negotiables, and make a list and ranking them. After a couple of months of searching for a job I was losing hope, but out of nowhere I had 5 interviews in one week!! I had less than a weekend to make a decision, but it wasn’t too hard thanks to having my list and knowing what was important to me then. Very happy with the choice I made, no regrets.
  • Audrey Romagnuolo Boston, MA

    Working with Tracy stands out in the unadulterated and uncensored approach in which she discusses the journey. I think many of us have felt compelled to put our best foot forward in conversations with our coaches, and in doing so, have neglected to acknowledge deeper beliefs/truths that are impacting our process. Tracy’s approach doesn’t really allow for that kind of hindering filter. Feeling super comfortable being totally authentic regarding impatience, my need to target the destination and be there (forget goal setting) was helpful in that we could move through those things in an honest way, and tailor the approach to feel aligned. This is more than a job seeking initiative. Working with Tracy will encourage you to be real with yourself, ultimately empowering you to discern more confidently what you want, and what irrelevant stories your telling yourself that stand in your way. Love her!
  • Dave Hendricks DFW, TX

    I was unemployed for 6 months in 2015. I wanted to find a job that was both meaningful and would help me take the next step in my career, and I had a few ideas of how to get there, but no true plan. I ended up wasting a lot of time and energy chasing jobs & leads that were not the right fit for me. I wish I had met with Tracy then; she has a proven, well thought-out plan of action for those looking to find more fulfillment in their work. She is passionate, professional, and an expert in the field. She knows her stuff, and has the skills to deliver it in a meaningful and effective way.
  • Jamie Ciardullo Los Angeles, CA

    In the early stages of listening to my gut on my career change, Tracy’s blogs were pivotal in reminding me to keep pushing toward my self-defined excellence in life. I remember seeing her at work, thinking about how she was different and meant for something more. She is now using those lessons of discomfort to tell the world, “you’re not alone!” and “stop doing sh*t you hate!” She did it, and so can we.
  • Devin Ellis Dallas, TX

    Tracy was extremely helpful in understanding what type of culture and position would be a good fit for my strengths and personality. I have taken surveys and read books on this topic before, but she really understands this area and her intuitive consulting skills really made my next career steps very clear.
  • Sam Schiffman Miami, FL

    Before working with Tracy I was approaching my job search in a counterproductive way. I would spend countless hours trolling job boards and racking my brain in hopes that the “dream job” would magically hit me over the head. In working with Tracy, she encouraged me to take some big steps back. We really tapped in to who I am and what experiences I’ve acquired along the way to create an ideal professional environment in which I could thrive. Tracy reminded me about a tough and confident person who got buried during my struggle and that I have a lot to offer others, both professionally and personally. THANK YOU TRACY!


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