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Great question!


As you have noticed, I write new, inspirational, educational stories every Tuesday, and I get a lot of questions about why I chose this day of the week.


First of all, I know that you all share a general distaste for Tuesday. Just ask The Onion [click here]. Back in my finance days, I used to hate Mondays (like a lot of you!), but I would absolutely dread Tuesdays.


Mondays are sometimes miserable, but at least with Mondays you have the hope of a new week! Maybe things will be different… But Tuesdays… oh Tuesdays… nothing is different. And you aren’t meaningfully closer to Friday, which is all that really matters.


But now that I’ve redefined my life, I revel in Tuesdays. I post on Tuesdays to honor my previous life and celebrate moving forward with work that I love. I hope it inspires you to do the same.

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No one actually calls me “Tracy.” Seriously. Usually it’s Trace, Trace-face, Trace-a-lace, or some combination of T’s like Double T, T Squared, or my personal favorite, Timm Tamm Slamm (yes, that’s a real nickname).


I’m a native of Texas but an avid world traveler, having visited 4 continents, 31 countries, and countless cities and towns… and counting.


My birthday is the day before Halloween.


I’m a practicing Catholic, and value LOVE above all things.


My favorite song of all time is Say Hey by Michael Franti and the Spearheads. If automatic music on a website wasn’t so annoying, it would be playing now.


I love people.


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