Tracy Timm, LLC. is more of a labor of love than a business venture.


Don’t get me wrong—we make money. Good money. But that’s because we’re great at what we do and relentless about solving meaningful problems for people just like you.

Our Vision

To unleash human potential by increasing self-awareness, leveraging advocates, and redefining success.


The three things like stifle potential are not knowing yourself, not sharing yourself with others, and not knowing what success means to you. At Tracy Timm, LLC. we break down these barriers to allow each individual to shine.


We envision a world without work.

Yes, you read that right!


What we mean is that we envision a world where “work” is redefined. In this world, people love what they do so much that they hesitate to call it “work.” In this world, there are no more Monday’s or Fridays—there are just, well, days! In this world, people “work” at the times, in the places, on the projects, and with the people which make them really shine.

Yes, we believe this is possible!

No, we’re not “on” anything.

Our Mission

To be a trusted advisor that powerfully inspires and equips people to find career success through meaningful work.


We build trust in our advisory services by never recommending something we haven’t tested or tried ourselves… numerous times.


Of course, there will always be some grumbles and some troubles. No job or way of life is perfect.


But is it so wrong to ask for a little more from your “work” than a paycheck? Is it so wrong to strive for that ideal life, knowing that even if we fall short, we’re that much closer than we were before? Is it so wrong to want something more or something better for yourself, your family, or the world?


We think that maybe, just maybe, it might not be so wrong (or so impossible!).


With a little bit of help and a lot of encouragement, you can find “work” you love. Meaningful work. More importantly, work that loves you.


Our Values









Tracy Timm, LLC is a private, woman-owned and operated business Tracy Timm, LLC. run by (you guessed it!) Tracy Timm, out of Dallas, Texas.

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