Exciting Timmbits News: The Podcast is BACK!

Written by on 23 Jan 2018

Hey there, guys and dolls! The podcast is BACK!

(Cue awesome voice and background music from Grease.)

I'm SUPER pumped to tell you that our beloved podcast, Transform Your Life with Tracy Timm, is coming BACK and it's going to be better than EVER.

For starters, we're doing a little, baby rebrand... who am I kidding... a MASSIVE rebrand to align with our new coaching, YouTube show, and digital product offering-- The Nth Degree Academy! So now, you're going to see my lovely face and a bottle of champagne popping on... The Nth Degree PODCAST! Here's the awesome new image:

The Nth Degree Podcast

Special thank you to our beloved designer, Jonathan Burks, for his (continuously) outstanding work.

Now, in order to whet your appetite and get you oh-so excited about the incredible upcoming episodes we will be posting beginning in February, I wanted to give you this little snack from our last post in 2016. This podcast is all about how to change your mindset when it comes to failure and, in fact, learn how to "fail fabulously." I hope it's as meaningful for you as it has been for me!

Here's my interview with Jake Jordan!

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