Go From a Quarter-Life Crisis to a Quarter-Life Renaissance

Written by on 14 Nov 2017

Quarter-Life Crisis to Quarter-Life Renaissance

That tingly feeling at the end of the weekend. The thought that your time of freedom is almost over. The pit in your stomach that reminds you of spreadsheets and terrible coffee.

You know this sensation as the "Sunday Scaries".

Yes, non-millennials, that's a thing.

But the Sunday Scaries might also be a sign that you're going through a quarter-life crisis.

A quarter-life crisis is an ever-growing phenomenon among young adults who are emerging from the comfort and security of high school or college, only to find that the "Real World" isn't what they expected it to be... at all.

You might think that this is a current invention of our Me Generation, but you'd be wrong. The first recorded mention of a crisis in the mid-20's goes all the way back to renowned psychologist Erik Erikson whose theories of personality and life crises were formulated in the mid-1900's. Erikson posited that the first "adult" crisis someone would face would be about love: intimacy versus isolation.

So it's no surprise that today people in their 20's and 30's who are struggling to find themselves and find careers they love feel completely and utterly alone. They struggle to connect with people around them, simply because they don't feel like the best versions of themselves. They don't have their "shit together," if you will.

And the more they struggle to form lasting, loving relationships, the more lost, confused, and alone they will feel. Maybe you know because it's happening (or happened!) to you. And thus, the vicious cycle of the quarter-life crisis continues.

But it doesn't have to stop there!

In today's video, I explore how to turn your quarter-life crisis into a quarter-life renaissance, using one simple method and one simple mindset.

Trust me-- if you're going through your own quarter-life crisis, you are not alone. Many have come before you and many will come after. What you need to do right now is recognize where you are and realize that there is so much life yet to be lived. You WILL figure this out. You WILL belong. You WILL find work you love.

You just have to keep going in order to get there.

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