How to Stop Making Fear-Based Decisions (in Your Career!)

Written by on 24 Oct 2017

A few days ago, I was on campus at a local university.

Shout out to UT Arlington- Go Mustangs!

I had been asked by the director of the Industrial and Organizational Psychology program to speak to a group of her masters students. After I finished telling my story and talking about my journey in my business, several of them had questions for me. That happens all the time! But not every time do I get asked really good questions.

One of the students raised her hand cautiously. I called on her, and she said, very plainly but also slightly reluctantly,

"You talked about some decisions you made because you were afraid. How do you stop making fear-based decisions?"


I think if there was a concise answer that question, we would have much happier people in this world.

It's rare that a question puts me on my heels with nothing more to say than "practice" as a response. Because, really, how else can you stop making fear-based decisions other than practicing time and time again to choose something else that's more important than fear?

But, she wanted an answer, and I wanted to give it to her. So, I thought for a few seconds about every fear-based decisions I'd made in my life and what they all had in common. Then I thought about the times in my life I was able to put fear aside in order to make the tough--but the right--decision for me.

All of those scenarios had ONE thing in common. ONE thing that allowed me to choose courage over fear. ONE thing that meant the difference between continuing down the same, miserable path or finally making a much-needed change in my life.

This week's video explores the answer to that question: the ONE thing you can do right now to stop making fear-based decisions. I hope it helps you as much as it's helped me.


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