How to NEVER Lose Motivation for What Really Matters

Written by on 26 Sep 2017

Let me take you on a little journey...

You've got an AMAZING goal. Brilliant, even. And you finally have enough time, money, and interest to bring this bad boy to life.

When you start on your incredible [insert diet, project, program, job search, or your other amazing goal here], you have all the energy and motivation in the world. You're excited about all the possibilities for your future. You work tirelessly (and effortlessly) without blinking an eye.

Then, you hit a snag. Something takes longer than you expect. Someone doesn't deliver something they promised. You realize this whole idea is actually a lot harder to complete than you first imagined.

Thank God for blind naivete, right?

So... what do you do? You start to slow down. You start to miss self-appointed "deadlines". You make excuses to stay on the couch and watch that next episode of Gilmore Girls instead of completing the next action item in your plan.

(Oh, wait... is that just me?!)

You lose... MOTIVATION. Suddenly, that activity you used to do without energy or effort feels like Chinese water torture. You'd rather go insane than keep doing it. In fact, just doing it is MAKING you go insane. You're exhausted and wonder why you started this whole thing in the first place.

So... what do you do?! How do you know if it's time to pack up shop, because hey, maybe this wasn't your dream after all? Or, how do you figure out if this is really something important to you, and you just need to work through this lull in the rollercoaster ride that is life?

Here's how you can figure out a) what's right for you and b) never lose your motivation to complete something important. Trust me on this... it works. I know, because I use it. In fact, I used it yesterday to get through a to-do item I absolutely hate. My own personal water-dripping torture. And if it works for me, I know it can work for you.

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