TYL #39: Creating Strategies to Mold Your Mindset and “Fail Fabulously” with Jake Jordan

Written by on 16 Nov 2016

Have you ever stopped to consider just how important your mindset is to everything in life?

Consider the last time you were taking on a challenge and told yourself it “would be hard.” Was it?

Or how about the last time you make a mistake and called yourself “an idiot.” Were you?

Or what about that time a friend told you that you could find work you loved and you said, “that’s impossible.” Is it?

Our mindset has such an incredible power over how we see the world and the ways in which we respond to it. We can choose to see our circumstances as random and negative. We can treat ourselves like victims. Or, we can choose to see the world as something that we co-create with positivity. We can treat ourselves as insanely powerful.

The amazing part is that all is this is as simple… as a choice.

You choose your mindset. You choose your reactions. In many ways, you choose your destiny.

This week’s guest, Jake Jordan, knows all about the power of mindset and the necessity of positivity. He shares his insights into how to maintain a positive mindset, despite your circumstances in life. He even shares with us his three-step model for changing any habit or behavior that’s not serving you. Try it on for size, and see what happens.

And now, introducing, Jake Jordan!

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