TYL #38: How to Deal When Shit (Inevitably) Hits the Fan with Tracy Timm

Written by on 08 Nov 2016

Ok, so I know I just went for it with the title of this week's podcast, but sometimes you just can't sugar coat things.

Anyone who's started anything, taken a risk, or otherwise deviated from the norm will tell you that bad things happening-- aka, shit hitting the fan-- is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. We have no control over the when, let alone the inevitability of some things just not going our way. It's like death and taxes-- a virtual certainty-- that one day, things will not go our way.

Now, you know me (or at least you're getting to know me), so you know that this is not my normal sentiment.

I'm the girl you visit to get pumped up about leaving your lame ass job or chasing your dreams.

It usually doesn't serve me (or my clients!) well if I'm Debbie Downer.

However, I've noticed recently that one of the places I can really use some work is dealing with setbacks, myself.

I can envision my ideal future, create my ideal workday, and even work with my ideal client, but man, when shit hits the fan... I'm like that little kid in the cereal aisle who's mom said "no" to the Cookie Crisps again.

Cue: tantrum.

So this week, after suffering a few major (and I'll be honest, minor) setbacks and frustrations in my own business, I wanted to share my struggles with you in the hopes that they can help you deal with both the major and minor tragedies in your own life. I hope my honesty and vulnerability (and yes, occasional ranting) allow you to see that it's not all sunshine and rainbows on this side of the computer screen. Even people who have a great online image suffer the inevitable disappointment from time to time.

However, what's not inevitable, is our reaction!

Come on the journey of overcoming the shit-storm that sometimes is life with me. I know you'll enjoy it (or at least laugh right along with me!).

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