TYL #36: The Evolution of Dance, Life After Going Viral, and Transforming Success with Judson Laipply

Written by on 26 Oct 2016

Imagine this:

You study hard, master your craft, perfect your presentation, put yourself out there, hustle your happy ass off, and then...

You. Go. Viral.

Your book becomes an international best-seller. Your episode on Oprah is a huge hit. Your post on Twitter breaks the internet. Your video of yourself dancing to every great tune over that last half century goes viral.

Then what?

While many of us can only imagine how we would react in one of these situations, today's guest has direct experience with the final scenario.

In 2006, Judson Laipply uploaded a video of himself dancing at the end of one of his speaking engagements. In the video, he was wearing a bright Orange Crush T-shirt and jeans. A spotlight was directed onto him and he was standing on a plain black stage. Then, the music begins: You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog, Let's Do the Twist, YYYYY-M-C-A. And for the next 6 minutes, Judson does the traditional dance of each individual stage of our collective dance history. People laugh, the music entertains, and Judson is nothing but magnificent.

And then, unexpectedly, the video goes viral.

And not just any kind of viral-- the very first viral video, ever.


To date, Judson's video has 297 MILLION views, and counting. And remember, this was 2006! Pre-smart phones (for most of us!). What he was able to accomplish was truly revolutionary.

But the part that people don't really remember is what happened to Judson after that. So, without any further ado, I'm so incredible excited to present my conversation with of my childhood dance idols (and all around great guys!), Judson Laipply.


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