TYL #34: How to Know the Key Indicators of Your Success with Tracy Timm

Written by on 12 Oct 2016

This week is the 4th week in our series on getting stuff done.

Not just any stuff.

Meaningful, life-changing, important stuff.


About a year ago, my friend (and now mentor) Will reached out to me a few weeks ago with a metaphor to beat all metaphors. One metaphor to rule them all. The Big Daddy of Metaphors. And over the last couple weeks, we’ve been breaking down that metaphor into actionable steps you can take to accomplish your most important shit. Because, as Will says, “that’s what this game is all about.”

These steps can be summed up by the following:

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Know the needle you want to move.
  2. Know why you intend to move that needle.
  3. Know where you want the needle to go.
  4. Know how to move that dang needle.

And most importantly…

  1. Do the things that move that dang needle!

Put even more simply:

  1. Choose a goal.
  2. Define your “why”.
  3. Determine what “winning” looks like.
  4. Figure out what you need to do to move closer to that goal.

And of course, most importantly…


So far, we’ve covered Steps 1 and 2 and 3: choosing a goal, defining your “why,” and determining what winning looks like.

Last week, we talked specifically about winning, but not just any kind of winning. We talked about what winning looks like for you. Not for anyone else. Just for you.

Defining what winning looks like for yourself, and making it concrete, measurable, and manageable is vital to getting anywhere in life. After all, if we don’t have a target, we can’t ever tell if we’ve gotten there or not. And we certainly can’t take meaningful steps to get there, because there is no “there.” There’s just this ambiguous goal/vision world that we live in because it’s safe.

After all, it doesn’t require any risk to dream.

So last week, I challenged you to define the finish line for yourself and make it as clear as possible.

This week, we have a completely different challenge. Step 4 in this method of madness to accomplish anything you want in life could almost be a mini-version of Step 3.

Step 4 is figuring out what moves the needle.

What gets you closer to your “win?”

What activities get fueled by your “why?”

What daily items are going to show you that the needle is actually moving?

Aka, how do we move that dang needle?!

If you really want to get where you're going-- as quickly as humanly possible-- then you have to listen to this podcast about key indicators and how to get that dang needle moving.

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