TYL #33: Defining Success on Your Own Terms with Tracy Timm

Written by on 05 Oct 2016

Last week, we continued our series on how to accomplish anything in life.

That's right-- anything.

I shared an awesome piece of advice that was gifted to me by a friend.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Know the needle you want to move.
  2. Know why you intend to move that needle.
  3. Know where you want the needle to go.
  4. Know how to move that dang needle.

And most importantly…

  1. Do the things that move that dang needle!

Put even more simply:

  1. Choose a goal.
  2. Define your “why”.
  3. Determine what “winning” looks like.
  4. Figure out what you need to do to move closer to that goal.

And of course, most importantly…


Last week, we dug a little deeper into that advice by talking about Step Two: Define Your "Why".

We talked specifically about why the “why” question is so important and how to discover your unique answer to the question of “why.” Yes, that might be a little confusing, but I know you’re smart. Roll with me.

Finding your “why” is equivalent to choosing the right fuel for your engine. Your “why” drives you. It engenders others to your cause. It stirs you to action. It carries you through the struggles.

As long as it fuels your engine, it can’t be wrong.

So last week, I challenged you to answer some tough questions, and I hope they helped you solidify your "why."

This week, Now that you have your "why," we have a completely different, potentially even gargantuan challenge. That's the challenge of letting go of the definition of success given to (or even forced on) us by others. Instead, we have to realize that the traditional models of success might not be exactly how we would define success for ourselves. In fact, we might even have to embrace the idea of defining success in our very, own, unique way.

But how do we actually do that, when our entire lives have probably read like a report card?

Get good grades: check!

Play a sport: check!

Get involved in extracurricular activities: check!

Get into a "good" college: check!

Get a "good" job: check!

How do we break this seemingly never-ending train of living up to the expectations of others and defining success for ourselves? Hop on over into the episode to learn my fool-proof method for defining success on your own terms.

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