TYL #30: How to Quit Your Day Job with No Fear and No Regrets with Andrew Tarvin

Written by on 14 Sep 2016

One day... I'll be ready.

One day... I'll take that next step.

One day... I'll have it all figured out.

How many times in your life have you told yourself "one day"?

I remember, 4 years ago (which is still amazing to me), I was sitting at the same desk, in front of the same 4 computer screens, being yelled at by the same angry men, at the same job that I hated, and no matter how miserable each new day might be, I still told myself...

"One day"... I'll quit this job.

"One day"...I'll do something I really love.

"One day"... I'll be free.

Thankfully for me, that one day came much sooner than I expected, but for most people, "one day" always seems to loom somewhere off in the distant future. For most of us, that "one day" will only come when we've done enough research, made enough money, had enough conversations, or cried enough times that we feel... gasp... ready.

But what if there was a fool-proof, sure-fire, tried-and-tested method to avoid all this wishin'.. and hopin'... and dreamin'... and prayin'? What if there was a way to decide to leave your job that not only allowed you to have zero fears or doubts when you left but also allowed you to remain in that job as long as you needed without feeling like you were missing out on something else? What if there was a process you could use to go from believing you were meant for something more to actually doing something more?

Would you do it?

My friend Andrew Tarvin is with us today to talk about, among other things, the method he used to quit his comfortable job at Proctor and Gamble with no fears, no doubts, and no regrets. Andrew and I talk about the process he followed (and enjoyed along the way!) to get from a 9-to-5 to a completely nomadic lifestyle that he lived successfully for over 18 months. We also talk about the ways you can build more confidence and commitment in your life by using simple strategies that businesses have used for years.

Our guest today is not only a great friend and mastermind partner, he is also an hilarious and gifted professional speaker and comedian. He's spoken in all of the 50 states and several countries internationally. He started one of the most popular college improv groups in the country, went on to work for one of the most impressive Fortune 500 companies in the world, and began his own successful career in speaking and training in the span of just 10 years. Andrew is a force to be reckoned with, and I'm delighted he could be here today to share his wisdom and knowledge with you.

Without further ado, I give you, Andrew Tarvin!


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