TYL #27: Do What You Love and Love What You Do with Debra Swersky

Written by on 23 Aug 2016

Have you ever wondered what it takes to find work you actually love?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to love the work you do?

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to have both things at once?

I know I have...

There was a time when I was so miserable at work that I wondered if I would ever find anything that lit me up and got me excited about life again. I was so down that I lost my sense of wonder and forgot that the world was full of possibilities. I would go from feeling hopeful one day to completely hopeless the next. I was worried it would never end...

Sound familiar?

If this doesn't describe you, then statistics tell us that it probably describes the person sitting next to you. Studies show that nearly 75% of the workforce in the United States is either not engaged or actively disengaged with their work. That means that the majority of us are either asleep at the wheel or just downright hate our jobs.

So where do I get off talking about "loving the work you do" when most of us are dreading Mondays and counting down the clock until 5pm?

Enter Debra Swersky.

This week's podcast features one of the most positive and enterprising young women that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. In addition to being a good friend and colleague, Debra personifies the idea of doing what you love and loving what you do. In good times, she's reveled in the fact that she is fulfilled by her work and in bad times she learns to love whatever is right in front of her. This approach has led Debra through a series of incredible adventures including planning international events, working with celebrities, launching products, getting her MBA, traveling to Africa, starting a non-profit, owning her own business, and just generally being a badass.

This episode is great for you if you've ever wanted to find a new job, create your own dream role, take advantage of your greatest assets, or get plugged in to a new city. Debra's advice goes way beyond traditional career advice, so listen closely. The secret to loving what you do and doing what you love is just around the corner.




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