TYL #25: How to Make Sense of Suffering with Tracy Timm

Written by on 28 Jul 2016




No, I'm not trying to get you to leave this page!

These words evoke pain, but the most interesting thing about them is that they are 100% identifiable by everyone on this planet. All of us experience pain, misery, heartache... even just generic unhappiness... from time to time.

But for some of you, you're carrying a bigger cross than normal.

Something happened recently in my life that made we want to reexamine suffering.

I wasn't exactly looking for answers to why we suffer.

Rather, I was looking for ways to make sense of suffering... to use it to our (or the world's) benefit.

I once heard someone say that suffering is a horrible thing to waste.

I agree.

And after this podcast, I think you will too.

With all my love, enjoy.

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  1. Jessie   On   02 Aug 2016 at 8:47 pm

    Tracy, Your podcasts have accompanied me on many trail runs this summer. So much fun! I love your perspective on life and the willingness of your guests to share so openly about their struggles and successes. I was sorry to hear about your dad. Thank you for seeking out meaning in suffering and sharing your thoughts with us. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers.

    • tracy   On   09 Aug 2016 at 4:34 am


      Wow, friend. Thank you SO much for this incredible comment!

      I can’t say thank you enough for the thoughts and prayers that I know you’ve already shared for us. We really do appreciate it. And every little bit helps!

      As for the train runs, you go girl! Keep that up. It’s a pleasure and a joy to know that I can be with you in those moments.

      If you have a spare moment, please share these comments on our iTunes Podcast page as well, so that more people can know that this content is worth listening to!

      Thanks again for all the love!


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