TYL #23: Do You Have What It Takes with Walter Nusbaum

Written by on 13 Jul 2016

Have you ever wondered what "successful" people have in common?

And more importantly, whether or not those traits accurately describe you?

Today's guest, Walter Nusbaum, will help you know if you have what it takes to be counted among the most successful people in our world today.

And if, for some reason, you find yourself coming up short, he will tell you how to get there!

In addition to being a dear friend, constant mentor, and genuine inspiration, Walter Nusbaum is an author, speaker, and growth strategy consultant at his namesake, the Nusbaum Group. He has always been motivated by building and driving relationships and the experience of helping people to achieve accomplishments they might never have done alone. Whether he's spending time with individuals or with organizations, his goals are always the same...

Taking his clients to the next stage of their growth.

Walter's business and goal in life can be summed up by one of his favorite quotes:

"​In order to discover new lands, one must consent to lose sight of the shore for a very long time."​

Which is only supported by one of MY favorite quotes:

"A ship is safest in port, but that's not what ships were built for."

Walter's most recent book, Do You Have What It Takes?, walks through his 7 core traits that all successful people have in common. I hope you enjoy this intellectual and invigorating conversation about success, both in work and in life. And again, if you find yourself lacking in any one particular area, I hope this gives you the tools and motivation you need to keep going, and more importantly, keep growing.

Without any further ado, I give you, Walter Nusbaum!



Play by Play:

1:00 The crazy way I met today’s amazing guest

5:00 Walter’s 7 traits that really successful people have in common

5:30 Walter’s background story and how sometimes you don’t know where life is going to take you

8:00 What to do when life makes you start all over from scratch

9:55 How to get over your rough history and start to look more positively at life

11:40 Can you get perspective in the moment or do you have to wait until time has passed?

15:30 The #1 thing that determines whether you’re a positive or a negative person

17:00 Please stop saying this phrase now… it’s not serving you!

18:55 Why your negativity is so ingrained in you and how to reprogram your brain

19:30 The biggest difference between losers and winners

20:15 How to rewrite the script of your own life

20:40 The seven core traits of all successful people

21:00 Try this trick to create vision and practice the future before it gets here

23:00 How to translate a positive athletic mindset to a positive life mindset

24:00 An awesome tool for practicing your life in advance

26:45 Walter gives me an awesome pat on the back… I blush

27:00 How to build more time into your day for visualizing a positive future

28:40 Once you have clear vision, you need THIS to make things happen

30:40 How to get over the fear of not knowing what’s going to happen

31:00 Walter compliments me again… I blush… again

33:15 Why there really is no such thing as a “safe” choice

35:30 Who does Fortune really favor?

37:00 The difference between doing it and saying you’re going to do it

37:40 You can have vision and initiative, but no one will listen to you if you don’t have THIS

40:30 Do you have to overcome adversity to be a person of great character?

42:30 How to make sense of struggle and suffering

44:00 The most dreaded component of success (and the one thing people consistently say they need to improve)

45:45 How to discern between the important and the most important

46:15 The basic five things the average person would say are the most important things in life

48:20 The biggest problem that makes us lose perspective and prioritize life incorrectly

50:30 The end-of-life statements that give us perspective in life (or regret!)

51:30 The 5 regrets of the dying

52:55 The one thing that will allow you greater levels of resilience in life

53:20 How Walter got through a divorce and a ruined career with this one belief

54:35 How to let go of your view of a “perfect life” and embrace “another beautiful life”

56:30 Why life is like a beautiful tapestry

58:00 The difference between the victim in life and the responsible person

58:45 The most successful people know how to be excellent with this one component of life

1:00:30 What Steve Jobs regretted most in life

1:02:10 How to learn better relationship skills if that doesn’t come naturally to you

1:03:50 Why leadership is a fundamentally unnatural (and uncomfortable!) activity

1:07:00 The last piece of Walter’s success puzzle

1:08:15 What to do when you feel like you’re overwhelmed with the demands of life

1:10:15 Walter’s surprising emotion at the thought of winning the lottery

1:14:00 How do you know if you’ve found “your thing”

1:14:50 How to start figuring out what’s the most significant to you

1:16:40 The difference between “I don’t have time” and “I haven’t made time”

1:18:00 One great way to start taking control of your day instead of being at the mercy of it

1:19:50 The number one reason I fail, and how I’ve learned to be more effective

1:20:40 Walter’s #1 piece of advice for you

1:21:50 Get in touch with Walter on his site www.thenusbaumgroup.com

1:22:20 Get in touch with me @thetracytimm on Insta/Twitter and www.facebook.com/tracytimmfan on FB

1:22:55 Do what you were created for, now!


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