TYL #22: How to Make Epic Failure Work in Your Favor with Tracy Timm

Written by on 06 Jul 2016

We've all been there.

You got everyone excited.

You anticipated the day.

You invited your friends and family.

You made an announcement, a launch, a new beginning... and then...

You fall. Flat. On your face.


Failure is the biggest and most commonly shared fear among those who take chances. Failure is also, conveniently, one of the most misunderstood circumstances that exists.

Those who haven't yet failed will look at failure and say,

"Wow... I could never recover from that."

Those who have failed time and time again, and then succeeded would say,

"Wow... I could never have done it without that."

And now that I've left the 9-5 world, started my own business, engaged in a new relationship, and begun a myriad of other (terrifying) things, I can easily say that without failure, I would never succeed at anything.

This week's podcast is not only about failure, but about how to make failure WORK in your favor.

I hope you enjoy this scientific and psychological look at "failure" and how it can actually be an asset rather than a deficit.


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