TYL #20: Hustling for Worthiness and Striving for Authenticity with Chris Shade

Written by on 22 Jun 2016

Sometimes stories are so powerful that they barely need an introduction.

Chris Shade-- educator, administrator, speaker, and humorist-- has one such life story.

Chris has transformed throughout his life from a shy, introspective, confused adolescent to an outgoing, extroverted, and self-assured adult. His vulnerability and honesty about the trials and tribulations of his life nearly brought me to tears. I was honored to not only get to hear his story, but to share it with you.

My only hope is that you hear this story with open mind and open heart knowing that there is nothing that the strength of will and faith cannot overcome.

With that, I give you the inspiring and authentic, Chris Shade.



Play by play:

3:25 Welcome our guest, Chris Shade!

3:45 Chris’s crazy background story

6:00 What life is like, from an introvert’s perspective

7:45 Chris’s experience living his life as a lie by not being true to himself

14:00 What it’s like to battle for love and acceptance while masking who you really are

17:00 Chris’s “hustle for worthiness”

20:00 An introvert’s story of become more assertive

26:00 How to compartmentalize your life when it benefits you to do so

27:00 What happens when work is going great but your home life is falling apart

29:25 That weird time in life when your work sustains you rather than your personal life

31:30 Trees as a metaphor for life

32:40 How Chris met his wife on MYSPACE!!!!

35:30 Chris’s secret beach wedding

38:55 How to get out of a funk

40:30 Making the case for counseling for everyone (no more stigma!)

44:00 Chris’s rebranding of his educational district’s mission

47:45 How to go part-time to chase your pipe dream

49:30 How to know if what you’re doing is really “your thing”

50:50 Chris gives the down low on his favorite part of giving a TEDx talk

51:30 Chris’s #1 piece of advice for you


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