TYL #17: Separating Your Worth from Your Work with Laura Yamin

Written by on 31 May 2016

Have you ever gone through a particularly tricky period in your career and wondered,


"Will I ever figure this out?!"


You've tried everything.


The corporate role. Self-employment. Education. Dog-walking.


The works!


But nothing seems to be sticking the way you had hoped.


The corporate role is too impersonal. Working for yourself isn't personal enough. Education is WAY too personal. And dog-walking is just downright messy.


Well, my dear friend, you are not alone.


Allow me to introduce to you, Laura Yamin.



Laura and I connected online. She runs a successful (bleh, hate that word!) podcast that's all about "saying yes" in life when most people would say "no." She reached out to me to be a guest on her podcast (so much fun!), and I asked that she return the favor. Little did I know that I had hit the proverbial jackpot.


I. Love. Laura. Yamin.


Seriously, I'm a huge fan.


It's rare in life that I meet someone so incredibly brave and vulnerable, who's willing to put their mess out there for others to learn from and associate with. In this episode, Laura does exactly that.


If you've ever felt alone or isolated in your job search, questioned every move you've made, or wondered if you were ever going to figure this thing out, then this episode is for you. During our interview, Laura shares her transition from over 10 years in higher education, burnout out in working both for herself and for companies, and her current career explorations all with one overarching theme:


Say yes to yourself and don't quit before the miracle.


Without any further ado, I give you, Laura Yamin.



Play By Play:

3:30 Laura’s introduction and Say Yes Podcast

6:00 How to know the difference between great on paper and great in practice

8:35 Building a business when your day job keeps you busy from 10am-3am

12:00 How Laura found her niche—aka not throwing out the baby with the bathwater

14:40 How to stop trying to please everyone besides yourself

16:10 What happens when you climb the success ladder but the top is not what you expected

17:30 How to separate your worth from your work

20:20 The best process for finding things that make you happy

22:00 The funniest way to psych yourself up to do the things you need to do

23:30 Balancing the mindset of “sticking with it” and “quitting when it’s time”

24:50 Creating a successful job search that changes over time

27:00 How to go from zero interviews in April to twenty interviews in May

28:20 What keeps Laura strong through a really tough time looking for work

29:30 How to know the components of your dream job (or even your NEXT job!)

31:30 Take care of the people who take care of you

32:20 Subject or substance—what’s more important in work

33:15 How to see your job as a stepping stone and not a death sentence

34:05 How to build a mindset that allows you to see everything as a part of the bigger picture for your life

35:10 The process of pivoting—saying yes to some and not to others

36:35 How to make sense of the idea v. the reality in work and life

38:00 You. Are. Not. Alone.

38:20 How to do the work when you’re not sure where you’re going

39:10 Laura’s #1 piece of advice for you

41:00 Do what you were created for, now!


Say Yes Podcast with Laura Yamin

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