TYL #15: How to Answer Life’s Big Questions and Build Your Best Life with Ben Austin

Written by on 17 May 2016

What were you doing when you were 4 years old?

Playing with blocks, perhaps? Starting to color somewhere near the lines, maybe? Pretending you're in a rocket ship that's bound for outer space, if you're lucky?

Not Ben Austin.

At the tender age of 4, Ben Austin already had the drive to answer life's really, really, really big questions.

In today's episode I have the honor and pleasure of interviewing author, coach, and soon-to-be podcaster, Ben Austin. Ben runs a successful blog called StopStartDo.com, where he publishes articles and other content geared toward personal development and achieving life's biggest goals. He calls himself a Personal Development Architect.

He will help you design the life you want. You will have to build it.

Today, Ben and I cover some incredible topics such as taking responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, tracking our habits that lead to the most success, and finding the motivation to make progress toward our best life ever.

Without any further ado, I give you the soothing sounds of Ben Austin (he's got the coolest voice, ever!).



Play by Play

1:30 Surprise, I’m giving a TEDx talk!

4:00 Ben takes it all the way back to childhood, y’all

5:00 The one question that pushed Ben to trying to cure cancer at age 12

6:00 What happened when Ben’s wife got a rare nerve disorder and no one knew how to help her

10:15 The fundamental mental shift that has changed Ben’s life

11:40 The things that stand in our way to taking responsibility in our own lives

12:30 The “motivational seesaw” tactic to making anything happen in your life

13:30 The mental hurdles Ben and I had to get over to launch podcasts

14:15 How to beat perfectionism

15:30 The “tipping point” of life and how to get ok with improvement over perfection

17:00 How Ben got empowered to turn wasted time into value-added time

17:45 The “matrix method” for tracking your habits

18:30 How Ben discovered 25 “success habits” that lead to having an awesome day

20:00 The cause and effect that determines whether you have a good day or not

20:30 Ben’s best “success” habits that you should try tomorrow

22:10 The best way to figure out how you’re spending your time and how much value those activities have

23:15 The #1 thing you need to have to make real change in your life

24:30 The best strategies for your own personal self-discovery

25:10 If you don’t know where you start, start here

26:10 How to get clear on what you want by writing down what you don’t want

27:00 How I got all twisted up about happiness and Ben set me straight

28:15 The pinnacle of human achievement… we found it

31:30 Ben’s morning routine that leads to the best day ever

33:15 How to not let your morning dictate your whole day

34:10 Ben’s best catalyst habits to get a measurable increase in the awesomeness of your day

35:30 Ben’s 4 principles of unstoppable motivation

37:00 How I learned to measure my life to lead to more happiness

39:30 The “put your mask on first, then assist the child” model of life

40:00 How Ben discovered what he actually finds fulfilling

40:30 Ben’s #1 best seller from when he was 5 years old

41:50 Ben’s #1 piece of advice for you right now

42:10 Why it all starts with responsibility

43:00 Ben’s freebie for you!

43:30 Connect with Ben @benaustinblog and me @thetracytimm



Ben’s website: stopstartdo.com and Ben’s freebie for you!

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  1. Benjamin Austin   On   17 May 2016 at 8:41 pm

    Hey Tracy!

    You are quick. Thanks for having me on the show!

    It was an absolute blast 🙂

    If any of your listeners have a question for me or just want to chat, please leave a comment here.

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