TYL #13: Daring Greatly and Rising Strong with Brene Brown

Written by on 03 May 2016

There are few names that have brought as much notoriety as Brene Brown over the last few years.

She sprang on the "scene" in 2010 with her TEDx Houston talk: The Power of Vulnerability.

But Brene's story goes back even further than that.

For her entire academic and professional life, Brene has dedicated herself to the study and practice of social work. She has a Bachelors... Masters... AND Ph.D. (NBD) in Social Work and remains a research professor in the subject for the University of Houston to this day.

In short, she's a badass.

A badass who's out to prove that vulnerability is not what we made it out to be. Vulnerability is not weakness. Vulnerability is not shameful. Vulnerability is not for the faint of heart.

Vulnerability... is courage.

I had the privilege of seeing Brene Brown speak (in person!) at a charity event last week benefiting the Dallas Children's Advocacy Center. I managed to snag some pretty decent audio from the event, and I'm excited to share it here with you today!

The episode is not an interview, but rather, Brene's incredible speech to over 1,500 people that day.

This episode is an incredible example of what it means to embrace vulnerability, espouse authenticity, rise up when you've fallen, and best of all, shake the haters off-- once and for all!

I hope you enjoy listening to Brene as much as I did.

Play by Play:

1:30 Shout out to DCAC

2:30 I got to listen to my idol give a speech… so now you do too!

4:20 A deviant with a good cause

4:50 Introducing Brene Brown

5:00 Peanut butter and 8 hours of Downton Abbey

6:00 A total God moment

6:50 Why Brene has vowed to “be in the arena” and live a brave life

7:30 Your daily decision: courage or comfort?

8:20 Is vulnerability courage or weakness?

9:20 The one decision that has made Brene “dangerous” according to her husband

9:45 Why you need to shake the haters off… once and for all

10:30 How to know if someone’s opinion of you really matters

12:00 What happens after you dare greatly, fall down, and can’t get back up

12:45 Brene’s best story of daring greatly gone wrong… and getting back up

14:00 What’s actually worse than being vulnerable

14:40 What do men and women who “rise strong” have in common

15:15 The reckoning, the rumble, and the revolution

16:15 Why everything is possible… 6 months from now

17:20 What happens when you run out of lunch meat at Brene’s house?

18:00 Brene goes down a rabbit hole and then totally redeems herself

19:30 The most powerful line in the world

20:20 What’s the “story” you’re telling yourself right now?

22:00 Why we are neurobiologically wired for story

22:45 The trouble about being hard wired for story

25:00 What happens when you walk away from a conflict with

26:00 The one variable that men and women who revel in joy share in common

27:00 The best case I’ve ever heard for donating to causes when you don’t feel like you have anything to give

28:00 The epitome of daring greatly



Theodore Roosevelt’s Speech at the Sorbonne

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

Rising Strong

Brene Brown's Website

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