TYL #12: Believing in Yourself and Embracing Change with Natalie Brown

Written by on 26 Apr 2016

Have you ever had a conversation with a total stranger-- on a plane, on a bus, on a train-- that totally changed your life?

I know, I know. That's a bit much. But seriously.

Have you ever sat down with zero intention of talking to the person next to you only to realize three hours later that you never stopped talking and the plane is already landing?!

I have.

And it happened to me in Burma, of all places!

And I'm thankful that I can call that person a friend to this day.

Natalie Brown and I actually met before this fateful flight. But I bet if you ask either of us, we had only been acquaintance up until that moment. I believe that it was that flight and that conversation that finally bumped us up into the Friend Zone.

We had a conversation that was so vulnerable, so humble, and so meaningful that I've only had it matched a handful of times to this day.

I know you've had these experiences, too-- one person says one thing and all of a sudden... you feel...




All of a sudden you realize...

You are not alone.

I wanted to bring Natalie on the show today to give y'all that exact same perspective.

Natalie is actively going through a bit life transformation now, and she was brave enough to come on the show and share her experiences with you here today. It's raw. It's real. It's a revelation.

I know you'll love her as much as I do.

This episode is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Learn more about yourself
  • Start to find ways to embrace calm despite the chaos life
  • Build confidence and courage
  • Let go of the limiting beliefs and expectations that others have for your life
  • Really be transformed by someone who understand you

Oh, and we talk about traveling the world two times before you're 25.


So here, with all my life and all my light, is Natalie!


Play by Play:

1:50 Why Natalie Brown is the bees knees

2:40 Please, don’t ever do this in Burma… please

4:45 Welcoming Natalie to the show

5:05 Natalie’s background

5:35 How to do really effective self-discovery

6:50 How to avoid feeling like you’re going “backwards” in your life

7:45 Letting go of what other people think about your decisions

8:40 The best way to get rid of the limiting beliefs and expectations of other people (even when they mean well!)

10:15 What the heck is this whole “ego v. intuition” thing

11:30 The book that helped Natalie tell the difference between her ego and her intuition talking

13:10 Natalie’s best practices for tapping into your intuition and letting go of your ego

14:15 Where you can find the courage to reach out when you feel the most vulnerable

15:20 Natalie’s current transition and how she’s dealing with making big life decisions

16:20 How Natalie got a job by telling someone she didn’t want it

17:10 How authenticity, even when it’s hard, can work in your favor

17:40 Natalie’s biggest life transformation—what it actually feels like to make real change in life

18:50 Is growth a struggle or enjoyable?

20:10 How to take a “life break” and get some perspective

21:20 The importance of cooking and eating for your own well-being (not what you’re expecting!)

22:40 The impact of yoga of Natalie’s life and outlook

23:40 The one thing that is always accessible to you, no matter how you feel

24:20 The best case I’ve ever heard for meditation (it’s not that hard, it’s working, keep going!)

25:40 How to stop only doing the things you’re good at so you can actually grow as a human being

27:00 My weird meditation exercise that works miracles for me

28:00 Natalie’s second trip around the world—the where, why and how

30:10 How to choose the place you want to travel wisely

31:10 Natalie’s transformative experience in Cambodia and what it means to be human anywhere

32:10 How to hit your biggest goals by starting small

33:15 Natalie takes a stab at “the meaning of life”

34:30 How to rest in restlessness (finding peace in the chaos)

36:15 How to plan for the future while taking life day-by-day

38:20 How to let go of the haters

38:30 Natalie’s plan for figuring out her life and accomplishing her dreams

39:20 Using “design thinking” to rapid prototype your life and your business

41:40 What fills Natalie’s spirit and how to find what fills yours

43:10 How Natalie learned to really love herself

45:30 Natalie’s #1 piece of advice for you

46:00 I called an audible and asked Natalie a bonus question—it was totally worth it

46:30 How to embrace change

48:10 How to get in touch with Natalie

49:15 How to get in touch with me

49:30 Don’t forget to hop over to iTunes—subscribe, rate, and review!

50:50 Do more of what you were created for, now!



The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

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The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia’s history

The bullet journal system

Design thinking

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