TYL #10: Practical Ideas to Achieve Worthy Ideals with Robert Collier

Written by on 12 Apr 2016

Do you ever wonder when you'll have enough money or enough time to do the things you REALLY want to do in life?


My guest today, Robert Collier, does not.


That's because... he's already doing it!


No, Robert is not a millionaire or a trust fund baby. He didn't win the lottery or cash in on a class action suit. He's also not a "starving artist" who enjoys physical freedom at the expense of financial... well... expenses.


Robert is just a normal guy who's mastered some incredibly practical ideas to achieve his high and worthy life ideals.


He'd also like to thank Gandhi for the inspiration for that phrase.


In today's episode, I interview Robert J. Collier of practicalidealist.net. Robert is a blogger and online business owner who's goal is to help others achieve their greatest goals in life by implementing small, practical strategies that encourage financial freedom and personal success. He loves traveling, meditation, business, and of course, people.


During our conversation, Robert and I talk about how achieving our life's work doesn't have to be a pipe dream. Rather, by being clear on our mission and values and utilizing some simple methods to increase productivity and decrease waste, we can make our dreams a reality. This episode is great for you if you've ever wanted some down-to-earth practical advice about how to get your life together and get moving on your bucket list... today!


I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. There's plenty of laughter throughout because I was continuously floored by Robert's ability to put complicated ideas into simplified terms. Make sure you have a notepad with you. This one's a doozy!


Here's a play by play:

2:50 Robert’s background story

3:25 How to navigate an early fork in the road of life

6:20 Shout out to Robert’s dad who survived a double lung transplant

6:30 What exactly is practicalidealist.net

7:15 Finding inspiration in silence

8:25 Why Gandhi still has the goods, especially in today’s world

9:25 Robert’s favorite methods of self-discovery

12:30 How do you get started when you have no idea what to do (with anything in life)

13:50 The greatest gift of Robert’s life

15:05 How to pay better attention to the positive (insightful) input of others

16:40 Listening to the opportunities you have to use your gifts

17:45 How Robert is figuring out what he was created to do in life

19:10 The secret method that keeps him going and learning along the way

19:20 The story of Buckminster Fuller

21:40 How to maintain peace and serenity while you’re going through the process of finding your way in life

24:40 Goal-setting 101

26:20 How to let go of what “realistic” means for other people when it’s different for you

29:00 How to write your own “life list”

30:20 Strategies for making the time AND FINDING THE MONEY to do all the things you want to do

31:35 How to automate your finances so that your money works for you

33:25 How to negotiate your employment contract to maximize your vacation time

34:35 What makes us happier: more money or more time off?

35:15 What activities actually make you the happiest of all

37:00 How to cheat the “No Vacation Nation” system and get the most time off possible

40:50 Robert’s #1 piece of advice for you


Here are some notes to the references we make throughout the interview:

Buckminster Fuller

Bucky's Bio

Buckminster Fuller Institute

John Goddard

John Goddard’s Life List 

Robert ‘s Webstie Practicalidealist.net

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