TYL #9: How to Make Your Life Story a Best-Seller with Leana Delle

Written by on 06 Apr 2016

Imagine you're 90 years old.


You're sitting on the front porch of your house. You're curled up in a rocking chair made of wood with a few feather pillows. An afghan is resting across your lap, keeping you warm. You're looking out onto the front yard of your home, and you're reminiscing about your life.


You think about a decision you made when you were 25 years old.

You smile.

You know that was a great decision.


In this episode, Leana shares this incredible method for decision-making along with an insanely large number of other tips to live a life of no regrets. And... even if we've already experienced regret... how to shake it off and keep moving forward.


Leana's bright spirit, hilarious sense of humor, and no nonsense advice really make this podcast one that you do not want to miss. Today's episode is great for anyone who's ever felt like it's too late to make a change, wants to know how to create a mindset that embraces transformation, and wants to laugh hard enough to possibly pee their pants.


Hopefully not in public.




Here's a play by play, in case you only have a little time with us!

1:00 Shout out to my Chicago friends!

1:25 Leana’s mini-bio and fearless transformation

2:20 Leana’s “path less traveled”

3:15 Leana’s 20 year background that she no longer uses

4:00 The most influential person in Leana’s life and the gift she received

6:00 Why Leana and I think you don’t have to do the thing you wanted to be when you were a little kid

6:45 Can you “force” the creative process?

8:05 The #1 that holds people back from being creative and making change

8:55 How to tell the negative voice in your head to shut up already

9:40 That one moment when Leana finally slayed her Fear Dragon

10:30 Leana’s only and biggest regret in life

11:15 The two types of regrets and which one you absolutely need to avoid

12:05 The difference between what fuels you and what holds you back

13:05 Leana’s life’s meaning and joy

13:40 Why you should never say “it’s too late”

15:10 What helps Leana feel more self-assured as she takes risks in life

16:35 What to do if your passion can’t pay the bills

17:55 The biggest change in mindset since college and why it’s really hurting our growth

19:05 Why Leana would keep writing even if she’ll never be a best-seller again

19:30 How to turn your mindset toward loving the process as opposed to the outcome

20:45 Letting go of limited beliefs and expectations of others

21:30 The sneakiest thing you can do to increase your self-esteem

22:40 How people keep you in THEIR comfort zones just so THEY can feel better

24:00 What’s the best response to a well-meaning person who tells you to play it safe when you really want to take a risk

25:05 The way Leana makes major decisions and why you should try it in every part of your life

26:45 How to live with regrets and move on with your life despite wishing you could have done something differently

27:10 How to ensure that nothing you do is ever wasted

29:00 Key individuals who helped Leana through her major life changes

30:30 The importance of paying attention to the positive reinforcement of others

30:45 Why you should ALWAYS tell someone what they are amazing at and never let potential go unnoticed

31:30 My obligatory Marie Forleo reference

31:45 The best first step after getting positive feedback

32:15 My favorite story about listening to the messages of others

33:30 Leana’s incredible plans for the future

35:00 Contact Leana at leanadelle.com

35:20 Leana’s #1 piece of advice for you and your big life transformations

36:10 Connect with me @thetracytimm

36:50 Fun new stuff coming up on the website soon!

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