TYL #8: My (Unlikely) Path to Beating Self-Doubt

Written by on 29 Mar 2016

Let me channel one of my favorite TED talks of all time for a moment.


Drew Dudley, I’m lookin’ at you.


Can you remember the last time someone said something or did something that fundamentally made your life better?


Maybe it was a teacher who told you that you were good enough. Maybe it was a childhood friend who held your hand when you fell and scraped your knee. Or maybe it was a total stranger who put their cell phone down while they were interacting with you and actually looked you in the eye.


I mean… it’s the little things, right?!


In today’s podcast, I share the story of how two sentences in a very unlikely email changed my life forever.


This podcast is great for you if you have ever questioned if you were good enough, wondered if you had anything worth saying, or put off making a decision because you were scared of what others would think.


Here’s a play by play of some of my favorite moments: 

1:00 How someone had a huge, profound, crazy impact on my life

1:20 Why I’m just like you guys… and question EVERYTHING!

2:00 Opening the kimono on doubt

2:30 That time I broke down in Mexico because I couldn’t make a freaking decision

3:25 The major questions and doubts I have all the time

4:35 The best analogy for the “God will save me” decision-making process confusion

6:45 What reassurance do you need to feel like you’re making good decisions?

7:00 Are you failing to see the obvious answers to our hardest questions?

8:00 The one person who gave me the courage to start sharing my stories

8:30 My brush with an Olympian

9:30 How two unlikely lives came together

10:30 Please don’t go looking for this article I wrote…

11:10 That one time procrastination worked out in my favor

12:00 If you’ve ever felt bad about yourself, just compare yourself to this moment of mine…

13:00 How one person’s email changed my life forever

14:00 When simple words of praise are miracles in and of themselves

15:00 One of my top 5 TED talks of all time

15:30 If you’re still missing the signs, listen to this

17:00 The most meaningful things in our life just might not be things

17:15 How to connect with me on all the (social media) things!

17:40 Subscribe, leave a rating and review

18:00 How to get even more great content at your interwebs fingertips


When you’re done listening, I’d love to hear from you!


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