TYL #7: Asking for Help in Humility with Jennifer Baugh

Written by on 22 Mar 2016

It was about 2 years ago that I first walked into a YCP event.


Completely new.

Completely alone.

Completely out of place.


I did that whole, awkwardly-lean-on-the-table-closest-to-the-door-in-case-I-need-to-make-a-quick-exit thing, and scanned the room. There were no fewer than 100 people, ranging in age from about 23 to 43, all chatting in a very lively manner… and all drinking! At a business event!


I knew right then and there, that I had found My People.


Just then, someone tapped me on the shoulder. Apparently there was a person standing behind the table closest to the door. He introduced himself as Peter. I asked Peter what brought him to the event.


“Oh, I’m the President of the Dallas chapter,” he said casually.


NBD, I thought to myself.


Peter then walked me around the room and showed me the lay of the land. He explained that the featured speaker would be going on stage shortly. Then he introduced me to someone else named Janine. I asked Janine what brought her to the event.


“Oh, I’m the National Gala Chair,” she smiled.


Geez, is everyone like “involved” here, I questioned, sarcastically.


Janine had a role at the event, so she quickly handed me off to another person named Jenn. At the risk of sounding like an idiot for a 3rd time, I earnestly asked Jenn what brought her to today’s event.


“Oh, I’m the Founder of YCP,” she laughed.


Crap, now I DEFINITELY can’t leave, I sighed.


I knew right then and there, that I was meant to be in that room that day.


YCP stands for Young Catholic Professionals. It’s a non-profit organization founded in 2010 by none other than Jennifer Baugh, to help driven, Catholic professionals in their 20s and 30s connect with one another and maintain their faith. Central to YCP’s mission of engaging young Catholic leaders is the importance of connecting them with seasoned Catholic professionals. Thus, the reason for that day’s meeting.


As soon as I heard Jenn’s story, I knew she had to be on the podcast.


Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Jenn about her incredible transformation from MBA student to high-powered consultant to waitress to executive director of a non-profit. Jenn is amazingly articulate and has such a beautiful way of describing not only our own role in our transformation, but the crucial role that is played by those closest to us. She really brings home the idea that allowing others to serve us when we are in need sometimes gives greater benefit to the giver than the receiver.


So beautiful.


I really hope you enjoy this conversation with Jenn. Can’t wait to her your thoughts!


A little play by play, in case you only have a moment for some highlights:


1:23 Shout out to my friends who got married this weekend!

1:50 Jenn Baugh’s bio

4:20 Jenn’s background and how she got to where she is today

6:40 What happens when you take time to really reflect on your life

7:45 Jenn’s discovery of the treasure chest that is faith

9:10 How Jenn realized there was a gap between faith-based events and corporate events

11:45 Navigating transitions without a road map

12:30 How to make better decisions using our gifts and our reason

13:30 Finding the combination of talent and passion to lead you to your calling

14:10 When making scary decisions actually feels freeing

15:15 Why taking a leap of faith requires sacrifice as well

17:00 How Jenn got from consulting to waitressing to executive director of a non-profit in 2 years

18:30 Recognizing that all of our choices are guided by one of only two things

19:30 Jenn’s take on “feeling the fear and doing it anyway”

20:40 Focusing on love above all things

22:10 The difference between work and a calling

23:30 How to embrace the struggles

25:00 What to do when you realize you can’t make everyone happy at the same time

26:00 How to deal with overwhelm and the lure of being busy

26:30 Why it’s important to make time for yourself

27:10 What to do when you realize that you’re your own worst enemy

28:15 Why Jenn thinks we should allow others to serve us, which sounded really backwards at first but makes SO much sense

29:20 Why it’s so important to bring others into our lives especially when we don’t want to

31:00 Asking for help when your pride is telling you to go it on your own

32:10 Which is better: to be served or to serve?

32:55 How to set aside time for new things when you’re so busy

33:25 Why you should look at each day as though it’s a new adventure

34:20 Developing a curiosity for life itself

35:10 Jenn’s #1 piece of advice and how to find a sense of peace with your unique self

36:25 The best thing we can do for our happiness

37:00 Come find me on all the things @thetracytimm


When you’re done listening, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please leave a comment or send me an email.

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