TYL #6: Finding Peace in the Chaos of Life with Brad Myers

Written by on 15 Mar 2016

This week, I'm interviewing peer and dear friend, Brad Myers.


Brad and I had the fortune of meeting at a mutual friend's wedding (again, where all good things happen!) about two years ago. In the time since our serendipitous introduction, we've become so much more than friends. We challenge each other when things are going well, we console each other when they are not, and we celebrate the little moments in life in between.


I brought Brad onto the show, because he has a particular gift for accepting and embracing change. In fact, he even seeks it out from time to time! Brad is an incredible inspiration for all of us because of his ability to cultivate a growth mindset and take on the world with full steam ahead, regardless of his circumstances.


I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed giving it.


Here's a play by play in case you only have time for a few highlights:

0:30 Welcome

4:45 Brad’s introduction and life story

5:45 Brad’s take on how to choose the right college for you

6:45 Following the career path after Lehman’s collapse

8:40 Brad’s transition from New York to Chicago and why he chose to leave

9:55 What you can learn from a job you absolutely hate

12:05 The draw to move back West comes in the form of entrepreneurship

13:50 The real difference between entrepreneurship and big business

15:10 Are you born an entrepreneur or can you learn to embrace that freedom over time?

16:40 Brad’s adventure as the best “beanie” salesman in the country

18:25 Why Brad no longer sells beanies even though his company grew to over $1mm in revenue

20:20 How to know the type of work you were created for

21:10 Brad’s vision for his life

22:20 Brad’s no-nonsense tactic for creating a plan for your career

23:55 What to do when fear is holding you back from your dreams

25:40 The major places that Brad draws from for support and mentorship

27:40 Brad’s father’s #1 piece of advice for a fulfilling career

28:45 How to connect with other people when you’re in your darkest moments

30:00 Why you have to give before you get

31:20 The power of coaching

32:00 Brad’s life changing story of coaching high school hockey

34:00 The difference between “role” in sports and “role” in work

35:00 How to be honest with yourself about your strengths and then leverage them

37:00 How to advocate for yourself in business

38:10 Getting over barriers and demons that keep you from chasing your dreams

39:25 Brad’s shocking personal story of struggling through business school

40:40 How to know if your dream is going to make you happy and feel worthwhile

41:10 How to deal with being busy and overwhelmed

42:25 Brad’s approach on cultivating a “change” mindset and redefining himself

43:55 Brad staring into the abyss of 2 months left in business school and no job to speak of

44:40 How to find peace within the chaos of life’s transitions

45:25 Brad’s #1 piece of advice for your life

46:00 The surprising way to know you’re on the right path

46:35 Brad’s landing

47:20 How you can connect with us, subscribe, rate, and review the podcast


When you're done listening, I'd love to hear from you!


What was your #1 takeaway from today's podcast? Share it in the comments below to get the party started.

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