TYL #5: How to Live the Life You Want On Purpose with Jeff Schiefelbein

Written by on 10 Mar 2016

In this episode, I interview friend and mentor Jeff Schiefelbein.

Jeff is a Founding Partner and Chief Culture Officer of 5, an Irving, Texas based energy advisory firm, and founder of Texas A&M’s popular ride-sharing program, CARPOOL, which has now been franchised country-wide. He's an incredible example of someone who is living their authentic values and beliefs throughout his entire life-- work, family, and personal space.

This episode is great for anyone who wants to..

  • Learn more about their own skill sets
  • Have the courage to seize more of the opportunities that arise in life
  • Slow down the train of life
  • Make the boring parts of your job less boring
  • Be more present
  • Be more fearless
  • Find a mentor
  • Really move the needle in your growth as a human being
  • Do more dynamic and amazing things with your life


Jeff can be reached @JSchiefelbein.

0:30 A story about my childhood that includes elves that rap

1:30 My PSA for washing your hands

2:30 Jeff’s introduction

6:50 The major topics that Jeff and I cover together

7:55 Jeff’s background story in less than one minute but full of extremes

9:20 How to discover your natural gifts and skill sets

12:15 How Jeff got on a Broadway show with no dance experience or technical training

14:00 How to know that the skills and talents that you have actually have value

15:45 Jeff’s accidental self-discovery process that includes luck and personality

17:00 How to make today worth talking about, no matter what actually happens today

17:30 A real way to slow your life down

18:30 One cool way to make the boring parts of your job less boring

20:30 How can a young person have influence over their own role in life

22:45 Combatting fear when you’re dealing with shame, vulnerability, and low confidence

24:30 Jeff’s new and awesome version of vulnerability

26:00 A shameless plug that I didn't even ask for

26:20 Finding mentors when you’re on the dark side of the mountain

28:00 How to know if you’re really growing or not

28:50 The difference between liking something and being passionate about it

29:45 How to elicit feedback from your peers, mentors, and colleagues when you’re still young

32:00 What to do when your boss laughs in your face

34:00 That one time that Tracy completely lost her train of thought and admitted to saying total BS

35:35 How to make an adventure out of every day, even if there is nothing to brag about

36:38 What to do when your impact doesn’t match your intention

38:10 How to stop putting conditions on everything you do in life

39:05 Jeff’s journey from DUI to C-Suite

45:00 Making Jeff fill in the gaps of actual transition moments

46:00 How to finally let go of needing to make the “right” decision in your life

48:00 Understanding that the irony of commitment is that it is deeply liberating

49:20 How to not let your work define your worth

52:00 Jeff and I go to a dark place for a moment and pretend like we’re completely starting over

54:50 How Jeff deals with overwhelm and the lure of being busy

56:40 Getting rid of small talk for a good reason

57:30 Jeff’s #1 piece of advice for you

59:30 How to go over to iTunes and leave a rating and review (don’t forget to subscribe!)

1:00:56 Connect with me @thetracytimm and Jeff @JSchiefelbein



Rising Strong by Brene Brown

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brene Brown

Brene Brown’s TEDx on the Power of Vulnerability

Carpool- Texas A&M's famous ride-share program


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