TYL #4: How to Make Seamless Life Transitions with Ramin Baranpourian

Written by on 01 Mar 2016

Happy Tuesday!


I know… I know… usually Tuesday’s aren’t the happiest days of the week for some, but I’m beyond excited today, because of this podcast I have for you.


About 9 months ago, I reconnected with an old friend. When I say old, I mean fourth grade best-buddies old. This was the good kind of friend who remembered what I looked like with braces and shorts that go down to my knees.


The best part was, he didn’t care.


This friend and I reconnected over the phone while I was driving from Austin to Dallas. During that stretch on highway 35, he told me about his life since we graduated high school. Thirty minutes later I knew two things:


  1. I would start a podcast.
  2. He would be on it.


To say that Ramin Baranpourian’s story is inspirational and unconventional would be an understatement. Through trial and struggle, good example and bad, depression and hope, Ramin has charted a course that flies in the face of societal definitions of success and allowed him to arrive at a place where he is “the happiest he has ever been.” Along the way he learned some incredible tactics and hacks for making seamless transitions in life.


He has, in face, transformed in one of the most beautiful ways possible.


My conversation with Ramin was the initial inspiration to start this podcast, so I’m honored to bring that conversation to you today. I hope you enjoy it!


Play by Play

0:30 Introduction by yours truly

1:00 An embarrassing admission

2:00 My history with Ramin

3:00 Ramin’s start up business

3:25 It’s a small world after-all story

4:20 Why you MUST listen to Ramin’s life story

5:25 Ramin’s background story

6:00 From the very beginning

6:45 Why life is not like school

7:05 Starting my own money management company

7:40 A radical change

8:40 Life on an Indian ashram

9:25 What’s good and what’s bad about society

10:50 Ramin’s catalyst to make a radical change in his life

11:00 The real truth about life transformation

11:25 The only two things that cause you to make a change in your life

12:10 Why hating your life is a real trauma

13:10 Why it’s hard to quit even when you hate what you do

13:10 The process of transitioning in life in 2 basic steps

15:30 The step by step process of going from A to B

16:10 The most crucial piece of a seamless transition

17:00 Ramin’s vision for his best life

17:30 The role of prayer, meditation, and spirituality in life

18:20 How to alter your personal definition of success

19:20 Why a $500k salary doesn’t guarantee happiness

20:20 Does consumer culture make us happy or not

21:30 Making values-based decisions

22:10 Ramin’s views on depression and joy

22:50 Finding happiness in simplicity

23:40 Ramin’s “dark night of the soul” and ensuing epiphanies

24:10 How to fight negativity

24:50 Why your passion doesn’t feel like someone rolled out the red carpet for your life

25:40 Small practices that get you through the tough times

27:10 Dealing with change on a personal level

27:50 Why making a plan, even if the plan fails, is worth your time

29:00 Dealing with changes to the plan like the sail on a boat

29:50 The difference between a dynamic, realistic plan and a static, idealistic plan

31:00 Handling your first big failure in life

32:55 How to know if you’re living a lie

35:10 Where on earth do your career ideas come from

36:30 How to make sure that your ideas for your career are viable

38:00 How to dig yourself out of the darkest holes in life

41:00 How Ramin is passing his lessons on to his students

43:00 Ramin’s #1 piece of advice for finding happiness in your life


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When you’re done, head on over to iTunes and leave a rating and review. And don’t for get to subscribe! Thanks so much for being here today. Can’t wait for next Tuesday!

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