TYL #3: Surprising Insights on Life and Work with Russell Simmons and Co.

Written by on 23 Feb 2016

Hey there, Timmbit Nation!


Ok, so I’m not John Lee Dumas… but still, I’m just so excited about this friggin’ podcast!


Today I’m calling an audible, and bringing you something that was completely unplanned until Saturday around 11am. You should know that this is my usual style (doing things at the last minute), but because of the podcast and the fact that people like to have things once a week when they’ve been promised to have things once a week, I’ve had to learn to be a bit more organized. Because of that, I had actually planned the first 12 weeks of the podcast in advance of the launch, which if you know me, required an act of God and a really long to-do list.


And, of course, the temptation to take Aderol.


But I digress. I have never taken Aderol.


Either way, I had an event to attend this weekend, and that event was so exhilarating and inspiring that I literally hoped in the car, drove directly home, set up my microphone and podcasting equipment, and started recording. No scripts. No plans. No set up. Just a pure deep dive into everything that I learned from this amazing event while it was fresh in my mind and the ink was still drying in my notebook.


I knew I had to share this with you because not only did I get the chance to hear from some of the most well-known entrepreneurs in Dallas, but I also got to see…


Russell Simmons!!


Live. In person. Wearing a Yankees cap and bright white Nikes. The. Russell. Simmons.


I thought I would have to achieve Oprah status for something like this.


So, without further ado, I give you my top 5 takeaways from a hour and half with Russell Simmons, Trey Bowles, Nina Vaca, Salah Boukadoum, Gail Warrior, and moderator James Ragland.




Here’s a play-by-play, in case you only have a little time and want to hit your favorite parts first:

0:00 Welcome

0:50 My plan for the podcast

1:10 How my plan for the podcast changed radically

2:10 WTF is the Dallas Festival of Ideas

3:20 Holy crap… that is Russell Simmons

4:20 The reason I don’t really like most “panels”

4:35 Why this panel was completely different

5:00 An introduction to the panelists (these people rocked)

7:20 Salah Boukadoum’s bio- solving the world’s problems

8:20 Trey Bowles’ bio- building an organic entrepreneurial “scene”

9:45 Nina Vaca’s bio- the boldest 5-foot Ecuadorian woman you’ll ever meet

11:05 Gail Warrior’s- winning in a man’s world

12:20 Recap of these awesome panelists

12:35 My five major takeaways from this ridiculously cool panel

13:00 How to live with spirit, purpose, and faith even when you don’t feel like it

13:45 Russell Simmons gets deep on the “grass is greener” idea

15:00 All about the present moment and your energy

16:00 Where does “purpose” fit into all this

17:30 How to serve those who are underserved

19:00 Salah drops the mic on artistry and how to create a vision for your life

20:20 How to choose your own future regardless of your past

21:15 Russell Simmons’ first entrepreneurial endeavor

22:00 The hard truth about your station in life

23:00 Russell Simmons throws down the gauntlet

23:25 Nina Vaca’s unusual path to the top

24:25 Salah’s insight on creating something that no one’s created before

25:00 Connection and community are key

25:20 Who to keep in your circle of trust and who to let go

25:55 What to do when you don’t want to be anyone around you

26:40 It all goes back to the law of attraction

27:00 Nina becomes a part of the community

27:40 Gail Warrior on support and teamwork

28:25 It always takes longer than you think

28:40 How long it takes Russell Simmons to get a business up and running

29:35 Problems that successful entrepreneurs have before they become successful

30:05 Dealing with being on the brink of bankruptcy

30:50 The real story behind this podcast

31:20 Courage v. fear

31:40 How to know when you’ve failed

32:10 A new way to think about failure

32:55 Your greatest teacher in life

33:40 Russell Simmons on a mindset of abundance

34:35 My final thoughts on being in the same room as these amazing people

35:25 My call to action for each of you—get involved

36:10 How to get even more out of this podcast


I’ve also compiled a list of references that I mention during the podcast (links included!):

Russell Simmons

James Ragland

Salah Boukadoum

Nina Vaca

Gail Warrior

Trey Bowles

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center

Soap Hope

Warrior Elements

Pinnacle Group


Now I want to hear from you!


What's the #1 insight you gathered from today's podcast?

What are your Top 5?


Leave a comment below to get the party started.

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  1. Fernando Ceballos   On   24 Feb 2016 at 12:10 am

    Thank you for sharing the wisdom dear Tracy. I enjoyed it very much. Let’s now act!
    Saludos from Cancun!

    • tracy   On   24 Feb 2016 at 2:39 am

      You’re absolutely welcome! So glad you enjoyed it. If you have time, please go leave a rating and review on iTunes, so more people can know about this content. Thankful to have you as a reader and listener.

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