Sneak Peak: Tracy’s Podcast Preview

Written by on 16 Feb 2016

This week we are launching our brand new podcast, Transform Your Life with Tracy Timm!


I'm so excited to bring you not one... not two... but THREE podcasts during this first week of the show, which we are accurately and affectionately calling Launch Week.


I never said we were the most creative bunch in the world.


So, without any further ado, here are your sneak peak previews for the first three podcasts that will be launching this week!


Episode #000: Our Reason for Being in Your Ears


In this episode, I explain the purpose of the podcast and our raison d'etre. I also talk about the format of the podcasts, which is pretty straightforward. Every week, you will get one new podcast for your listening pleasure. There are three types of podcasts in total: 1) my own personal stories to serve as motivation, 2) interviews with peers to serve as inspiration, and 3) interviews with mentors to serve as education. I then share my own personal story of how I got from middle class family to Ivy League university to Wall Street investment firm to traveling once around the world to working for my idol to starting my own business to getting the crazy (or maybe not so crazy) idea to launch a podcast. It's my hope that this podcast allows you to hear the stories of people taking major risks in life and going through transformation so that this big bad world out here won't see quite so scary anymore. There is always room to be transformed.


Episode #1: Building Killer Cultures with Passion and Struggle with Derek Flanzraich


In this episode, I interview peer entrepreneur and dear friend Derek Flanzraich who is the CEO and Founder of Greatist.com, a next-generation media company working to build the first truly-trusted, consumer-facing health brand for Millenials. Greatist is currently the fastest-growing media site in the digital health space, with nearly 10 million unique visitors per month. Derek is a Harvard grad (boo...hiss), a Google-rejector, a serial "starter of things," and a believer in the incentive of killer culture. In our conversation, Derek and I discuss how to find your passion, how to stay true to who you are, what gets him through the really tough days in the start up world, how to know if you're ready to start something new, and my personal favorite, why he would never wish starting on business on his worst enemy. Derek is hilarious and has really incredible insight into the power of authenticity through our struggles.


You can't miss it.


Episode #2: Mindfullness, Meditation, and Meaning in the Business School Environment with John Krajicek


In this episode, I interview mentor professor and student of life, John Krajicek. John is the Executive Professor and Assistant Director of Business Communication Studies at the Mays Business School at Texas A&M. He teaches public speaking, presence, meditation, and meaningfulness to his students all while leveraging his background in English and Philosophy as well as his previous career as a CPA. John is a dynamic individual who views every conversation and interaction as a potential learning experience. In our conversation, John and I discuss the merits of a non-traditional background, how to make sure that nothing you do in life is ever wasted, how meditation has changed his life, the reaction of the business community to his teachings on mindfulness, and my personal favorite, how to set aside more time and structure in your life to try new things. John is deeply insightful about the subtleties of our lives and the greater narrative of our stories.


This one is also a can't miss.


I'm so excited and honored to be bringing you these interviews and stories this week, and I look forward to even more to come!


Which episode are you most excited for?


Leave a comment below, and get the party started.

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