What To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

Written by on 24 Mar 2015

This week, I wanted to do something a little different…


Every Tuesday I write a post about something meaningful, valuable, life-changing… even traumatizing. I love sharing these stories, and based on the feedback I’m getting, you love reading them, too.


PS—thank you!


Anyway, I do this every week to help you realize one singular idea:


You are not alone.


Well, if I’m being honest, it’s really two ideas.


You are not alone.


You don’t have to go it alone.


I’ve found that, above all else, there is no greater feeling of connectedness than being able to say,


“Wow… I thought I was the only one…”


I certainly hope that you have said that to yourself at least once while reading a post here at tracytimm.com.


But today, I’m going to give you something a little bit different. As much as I believe in digging deep, thinking long, and trying hard, I have just as much conviction in another, important concept.


What’s that, you ask?


When you’re not digging deep, thinking long, and trying hard…




It’s so rare that we allow ourselves time to chill the heck out. I struggle with it constantly. I always want to go here or there, do this or that, meet him or her… you name it. There is almost no end to my activity.


But I have a friend who has taught me that sometimes one of the best “activities” you can engage in is simply…


Doing nothing.


And liking it.


So today, I want to present to you some of the things I indulge in when I choose to chill the heck out and just enjoy doing nothing. Each of these comes from one of two folders on my computer—“positive, happiness, love” or “just for fun.”


I’ll let you try and figure them out.


This is what I like to do when I have nothing to do.


Here goes nothing…




Sometimes when I’m doing nothing, I like to imagine my next “life adventure.”


Maybe I’ll go to Australia. Maybe I’ll go to 2 blocks south. Who knows.


It doesn’t really matter.


What matters is that I envision myself living in total and complete possibility. There are no rules. There are no restrictions. There is just…




Instead of rushing to your next activity, chill the heck out and imagine your next adventure.


Always Try


Often times, I find myself embracing what I call “negative motivation.”


It goes something like this…


“Sure, I’ll try that, because I don’t want to lose money.”

“Ok, I’ll go there, because I don’t want to miss out.”

“Fine, I’ll do that job, because I don’t want to be unemployed.”


In those moments—when I choose to chill out and stop focusing on the negative—I look at this picture and try to change my mindset to something a little more positive.


“Sure, I’ll try that, because I might make money.”

“Ok I’ll go there, because I want to have a new experience.”

“Fine, I’ll do that job, because I value my able-bodied employment.”


When you decide to chill the heck out, don’t frown—just turn it around.


Goal in life


Remember the last time something spontaneous happened and you just laughed…


…and laughed…


…and laughed…


…and laughed?


See where I’m going here?


Take some time to chill the heck out and remember what it feels like to laugh uncontrollably at something that was truly, truly random and funny.




You know how people always say that you don’t know when your moment will come?


Some people choose to live in fear because of that. They are never fully engaged because they are afraid.


Others choose to live every moment in the present in the chance that maybe, just maybe, their moment is right around the corner.


When you decide to chill the heck out, just imagine that all you have to do is be there—just be there—in order to capture the given moment that has the power to change your life.


nutella always makes sense


Remember, when all else fails, there is Nutella.


That’s all there is to this picture.


Seriously, it’s just Nutella.


When you decide to chill the heck out, just remember to bring some Nutella.


you da best


Because… I mean… who can hate that face!?


Chill the heck out and just remember,


You da, you da best!


The Big Picture


Do me—and yourself—a favor this week and just take a break.


When you find yourself wondering what to do when you have nothing to do...


Try and embrace it.




Give yourself permission to do nothing.


Sloth like it’s your job.


And while you’re taking the time to engage in the mere passing of time, I hope these pictures and phrases and memes and Nutella serve you well.





Now I want to hear from you!


  1. What do you do when you decide to just do nothing?
  2. If you have a bank of pictures and motivations, what’s in it?


Post your stories and reactions in the comments below.


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