Bubbles for Your Troubles: Celebrating New Years Eve in Style

Written by on 31 Dec 2014

Happy Almost New Year, to you!!


I don’t know about you, but I love New Year’s Eve. It’s right up there with Thanksgiving and my birthday for top holidays of the year.


Yes, I love birthdays that much. If you need a refresher, click here.


Anyway, NYE is such a special day of the year for me.


I always end up with great stories. There was the year I managed to wrangle two midnight kisses and the year I played beer pong with my dad.


We won.


I always find myself with old and new friends. There was the year of high school reunions and the year I met my main squeeze.


But most importantly, I always end up thinking an extra little bit about my life.


Thinking is by no means “rare” in my life, but NYE just has a unique quality about it that brings about tons of introspection.


NYE is one of those rare days when we have a natural and socially acceptable moment to stop… think… reflect… and wake up to life.


We spend so much time flitting around from here to there. Working during the week. Running errands when we can. Trying to squeeze in a little fun.


Sometimes just managing to get through the day.


But how often do we get to stop… think… reflect… and wake up?!


This is your life. Your one and only life (as far as we know). And yet, you skip out on the present moment in favor of busyness.


But not today!


Today is the day for you to take a collective three… deep… breaths… and look around at your life.


Rather than focusing on next year and your resolutions and your diets and your whatever, take a moment to appreciate what has happened in the past year.


How is your life the same?


Do you live in the same place? Have the same roommate? Date the same person? Work at the same job? Spend your time the same way? Practice the same faith? Surround yourself with the same people?


Celebrate the continuities in your life!


Take the time to appreciate the comforts of things that don’t change… or at least haven’t changed yet!


And then flip it.


How is your life different?


Where have you traveled? Who do you live with now? Where do you work? What do you do every day? Who do you love? How do you spend your money? What do you believe in?


Celebrate opportunities for growth in your life!


Take the time to chart your progression throughout the year.


It might be easy to view all change as bad and there are undoubtedly some sad and horrible shifts that happen to us throughout the year. But take a page out of the Big Guy’s book, and realize that nothing is ever wasted. Every moment of change is simultaneously a moment of growth. Everything that happens to you is additive to the person you will become—to the person you are meant to be.


Revel in that truth.


You’ve come a long way this year, and it would be a shame to let this moment pass without appreciating the distance you have traveled. As a friend. As a spouse. As a child. As a sibling. As a parent. As a professional. As a believer.


As a person.


But Tracy, you ask, why do I need “bubbles for my troubles” if all of this change is good?


I’m glad you asked!


Just recently, I was out at a wine bar with my mom. We were doing our usual life chat on Wednesday evening before trivia begins.


Confession time: I’m obsessed with pub trivia.


If you’ve never gone, try it. If you love it, keep going. If you’re totally lost, google it.


Anyway, my mom and I were at this wine bar in Dallas being served by a very friendly and very funny man named Fernando.


Say it with me-- Ferrrrrr-NAN-do.


Fernando would chat with us occasionally, but he could tell we were in a deep, serious conversation. He disappeared for a few minutes, and returned carrying two glasses of champagne and some chocolate—neither of which we had ordered. He set them down in front of us, flashed his signature smile, and said,


“Here you go, ladies. Bubbles for your troubles. Whatever it is, champagne can fix it.”


In that moment, I knew he was right.


Champagne, aka Celebration, could really fix just about anything.


If a random stranger could make a Wednesday night worth celebrating, could you?


This year, let’s agree to do that with our own lives. Celebrate the here and now. Keep working toward the future. Do this every day—not just on the one day a year when we are encouraged to take stock of where we have been and plan for the journey ahead.


Cultivate wonder.


Experience life like a child.


Celebrate everything.


Drink champagne just because it’s Wednesday!


Tell yourself you don’t need an excuse to have sparklers or cake or a teeny tiny parade to enjoy the little moments in life that are worthy of revelry.


Every day is worth it.


Every moment is worth it.


Start with New Year’s Eve, but make it a daily habit to chart your progress, enjoy your continuities, embrace your growth, and always… always… always…






Now, I want to hear from you!


  1. What can you celebrate about 2014—continuity, growth, or both?
  2. What will you do on January 1st to start your habit of celebrating life?


Did this story resonate with you or make you think of a story of your own? Share your story or your reaction in the comments below.


I believe that stories unite us. These stories can be traced back to one person, conversation, or observation that provided a turning point in our lives. I’d love to hear if you believe this, too.


If you do believe this, then share it with your friends! Because sharing stories an instinctual, powerful way to touch the hearts of others and change the world around us.

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